RSCA welcomes K. Olsa Brakel as new partner club

Olsa Brakel

RSCA welcomes K. Olsa Brakel as its fourteenth partner club. In recent years, the Belgian club has invested heavily in the development of its own youth players and their progression to the first team. As many as nine home-grown youth players are in their first team. Since the 2022-2023 season, they also have an educational team with 17/18/19-year-old youth players playing in lower regions. 

K. Olsa Brakel wants to continue on this path in the future. To do so, it will receive the support from RSC Anderlecht for the next three seasons. The partnership consists mainly of sharing RSC Anderlecht's knowledge and expertise in the field of youth training and the inclusion of K. Olsa Brakel in the partner network of our club.

 K. Olsa Brakel:

 "RSCA proves that the credo 'in youth we trust' is not just a hollow concept in football. RSCA is known as the best youth academy in the country. Their philosophy is very close to our vision, with its focus on solid infrastructure, investing in human capital and fulfilling our role in society. We are convinced that this partnership will allow us to further strengthen the quality of our youth training in the future."

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