First contract for Kaïs Barry, Aboubacar Conte, Michiel Haentjens and Lilian Vergeylen

Four young talents 'Made In Neerpede' have signed their first professional contract at RSCA. Kaïs, Aboubacar, Michiel and Lilian are all part of the impressive generation of 2006. This season they became champions with the U16 under coach Roel Clement. After their agemates Duranville, Butera, Azaouzi and Leo Virisario, these four talents have now also committed to their favourite club.

"With Kaïs, Aboubacar and Lilian, we are injecting even more talent into the U18-squad next season. We also hope that these boys will get a taste of 1B next season," said Jean Kindermans, head of the RSCA Belfius Academy. "With Michiel, we have a goalkeeper with a lot of qualities, with whom we can aim for the title and the Youth League next season," says Kindermans.

Curious about these 4 talents? Check out this short introduction below.

Kaïs Barry

Kaïs arrived in Neerpede at the age of 12. He immediately impressed with his serenity and his passing game. Even at a young age, Kaïs possesses leadership qualities, which is why he was captain of our U16 this season. Nice to know: he is the son of the Ivorian goalkeeper Barry Copa.

Aboubacar Conte

Goes by the name of Bouba. Bouba is a technically gifted player who has been playing in our Academy since 2020, after his spells at Royal Léopold and Union Saint-Gilloise. He spent his childhood days on the five-a-side-pitches of Brussels, where he developed skills that eventually led him to Neerpede.

Michiel Haentjens

"A goalkeeper with good feet, a goalkeeper who dares." Michiel has been with the club since the age of 11 and is brimming with self-confidence. He alternates good footwork with solid saves on the line. With his margin for progression, we’ve got a strong profile on our hands.

Lilian Vergeylen

Good shot. Accurate pass. Hard work. Lilian Vergeylen's qualities make him a strong midfielder. He was born in Leuven and discovered the RSCA Belfius Academy at the age of 14. His development has been going uphill ever since. A name to remember.

Congratulations, guys.