La Maniane visits Neerpede

Visit at Neerpede last weekend. La Maniane, a popular football personality from France, came all the way from Paris to watch the games of our U14s and U18s. Don't know him yet? No worries. Here's a brief introduction to the digital creator whose videos have reached millions of views in recent months.

La Maniane is known for his creative football analyses, which he does in his very own style. He introduced, among other things, the term Tcheks Play. It is a term that took on a life of its own, and that was adopted by a lot of football players in Belgium and France, wether they're professional and academy players or not. Even the French national team uses La Maniane's lexicon.


The 'Tcheks Play' is a football philosophy. It is all about having fun on the pitch and about finding the courage to play in a skillful way. Very close to street football, the Tcheks Play is a way of life. There was no better place than Neerpede for La Maniane to check out how's the Tcheks Play doing in Belgium.

Find out how it went in the video below.